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ECON 327

Course Title

Knowledge Economics

Course Code

Econ 327

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

•          Nature of the Knowledge Economy.

•          Social, Cooperative, Cultural, creative, ethical, and intellectual capital.

•          Knowledge and Innovation systems.

•          Policy analysis for knowledge-based economies.

•          The Endogenous Growth Theory and the Role of Knowledge.

•          Knowledge management.

Course Level


Course Material

Foray, D.; The Economics of Knowledge, MIT Press, 2006.

Reading Recommendation

Rooney, D., G. Hearn, and A. Narian; Handbook of the knowledge Economy. Edward Elgar. 2005.

Mohsen, A. ALkhodiry, Knowledge economics, Anneal Arabic Group, Egypt, (2001)

Nariman, I. Metwally, Information economics, Almaktabah Alacademieh (1995).

World bank site

Various governmental sites

Course Language


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