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ECON 312

Course Title

International Trade

Course Code

Econ 312

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

•          The Classical Theory of Trade

•          The Neoclassical Theory of Trade.

•          Factor Endowments and the Heckscher-Ohlin Model.

•          Modern trade theories.

•          Trade in services.

•          Trade policy: free trade versus protectionism.

Course Level


Course Material

 - Krugman, Paul, International Economic: The Theory, Translated by Aljarrah, Mohammed and Hamad Albazei, Alzahraa Publications, Riyadh (1998).

Reading Recommendation

- Jasim, Mohammed; International Trade, Dar Zahran, Kingdom of Saudi a,  2008.

-Alsouse, Nidaa Mohammed, International Trade, Almujtama Alarabi Library, 2008.

Course Language


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