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On the Interplay between Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 Emission Nexus in the GCC Countries: A Comparative Analysis through Wavelet Approaches


صقلين لطيف

Economic Growth and Inflow of Remittances: Do They Combat Poverty in an Emerging Economy?


نيزار حراثي

شاكر علوي

Emerging Equity Markets Connectedness,, Portfolio Hedging Strategies and Effectiveness


شاكر علوي

Real growth Co-movements and Business Cycle Synchronization in the GCC Countries: Evidence from Time-Frequency Analysis


شاكر علوي

Investors’ sentiment and US Islamic and Conventional indexes nexus: A time-frequency analysis


شاكر علوي

On the Interaction between the Crude Oil Market and the Macroeconomic Activity: How do the 2000s differ from the 70s?


محمد ضياء الرحمن

محمد نعمان خان

عمران كوكو

Investigating Liquidity-Profitability Relationship: Evidence from Companies Listed in Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)



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