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Transfer Credit from other Colleges within King Saud University KSU

Students who have attended a different college in KSU may be eligible to receive advanced credits towards a CBA credential. All KSU credits can be transferred, while other credits must be evaluated after the student presents a detail course outline to CBA Academic Affairs to be assessed.

Requirements for eligibility of transfer of credits from other Colleges within KSU:

Students GPA must be a minimum of 4 out of a 5-point scaling system.

Student can only transfer credit from scientific or health fields only.

Student must have proof of language proficiency.


Transfer Credit from Another Institution

Students who have attended an accepted post-secondary institution may be eligible to receive some advance credit toward a CBA credential and to satisfy essential requirements. Students receiving transfer credit will require a reduced number of credits at CBA to qualify for a credential. Students may ONLY transfer a maximum of 40 percent of credits in which they will be required to complete a minimum of 60 percent of advanced courses to receive a bachelor’s degree credential from CBA. For credits to be evaluated, a student must submit their transcript and a detailed outline of the courses to the department of Academic Affairs for processing.

Requirements for eligibility of transfer of credits from other institutions:

Students GPA must be 4.25 or more out of a 5-point scaling system.

Student must have proof of language proficiency.

For more information on admissions please visit the Deanship of Admission and Registration :click here


Program Specific Admission

In the application process, applicants must check to see if there are specific admission requirements in the program they seek. Once enrolled in CBA, students will get the chance to choose from among different programs offered by the college after finishing the second year and completing 57 credit hours. Students will be faced with certain program specific requirements for the different program offered such as:

Most programs will require specific course and level prerequisites as part of the admission requirements. Grades in prerequisite courses (or their equivalents) will also be used as a basis for the selection of candidates for a program

Some programs will require a certain GPA level

For more information on any program specific requirements please refer to the designated department.





Last updated on : October 15, 2023 3:35pm