About Training Program

Co-operative Training (COOP) integrates academic studies with related work experience. After completing all required credits at CBA, students will get a chance to gain practical work experience. Students will alternate classroom studies with real life training environments in well-recognized institute in Saudi Arabia.


All students are required to complete a course in Co-operative training (COOP) to acheive a bachelor degree from  the College of Business Adminstration CBA. Students must complete all required course work before enrolling for COOP.




1– Expose students to working environments in which they can gain the proper technical skills needed for the labor market.

2– Engaging students in different tasks assigned by the training institute which enhances their knowledge in different utilities and functions regarding managerial processes.

3– Increase students chances of obtaining  job offers especially within the training institute.

4– Elevating the students communication and written skills as well as their analytic and research skills.