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QUA 107


Quantitative Analysis.

Course Code

QUA 107

Course Title

Introduction to Statistics in Business

Course Credit

3 Credit hours:

Prerequisite Course

140 MATH

Course Level


Course Description

Basic concepts – statistical data – population and random sample - sampling methods – collecting data methods - the questionnaire – tabular and graphical presentation of data – measures of central tendency – measures of dispersion  – definition of probability - probability axioms - probability space - conditional probability – independent events - addition and multiplication rules - Bayes theorem – random variables and probability distributions  –simple regression and coloration - time series(general trend equation) – index numbers. (Suitable software packages are used)

Course Material

Lind, D., Marchal, W. & Wathen, S.(2008). Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics. The McGraw-Hill Companies, inc, New York.


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