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QUA 307


Quantitative Analysis.

Course Code

QUA 307

Course Title

Business Forecasting

Course Credit

3 Credit hours:

Prerequisite Course

107 QUA, 207 QUA

Course Level

Final year

Course Description

Introduction to forecasting (its importance, usage and problems) – Simple and Multiple linear regression. Non-linear regression.  Forecasting methods: Moving Average Methods, Exponential Smoothing Methods (simple, double and triple), Forecasting Errors – Concepts of ARIMA models for stationary and non-stationary time series. Diagnostic checking and use of the model in forecasting time series. (Suitable software packages are used).

Course Material

John E. Hanke and Dean W. Wichern, Business Forecasting, Pearson International, Ninth Edition.

Lind, Marchal and Wathen, Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, McGraw Hill International, Fourteenth Edition.

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