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Master of Science in Decision Sciences Continuous Program (MSDS)

Program overview:

In  order to build a partnership with all institutions and companies to make sound decisions, to study problems, and find alternative solutions and optimal decision-making, and due to lack of qualified persons in Saudi Labor Market who can do such missions and since there are no academic degrees in Saudi universities to prepare such persons in contrast to the American and European universities.

Therefore, the department suggested a Master degree in decision sciences to fulfill such lack and cope with the advanced universal standard.  

The Master of Science in Decision Sciences, MSDS, provides students with knowledge of quantitative skills and experience in analyzing problems arising in a business environment. The program is designed to provide knowledge about applying quantitative methods to real-world problems using modern methodologies adopted from statistics, and operations research (management science). Today companies in every conceivable industry are reaping the benefits of using formal mathematical models to assist them in addressing complex business problems. The MS in Decision Sciences focuses on modeling and applications, which prepares students for a career as a Decision Sciences specialist in industry or government and bridge the gap between quantitative analysis and management.


Program Vision:

Be a leading regional Master program in decisions Sciences, and in line with advanced and distinguished universities in the world.


Program Mission:

Preparing scientifically and technically qualified graduates in decisions sciences, and meet the needs of the business market in Saudi Arabia, as well as continuously preparing generations of researchers in this field.


Program Description:

Study Plan

cource description


Admission Requirements:

In addition to the admission criteria included in the unified bylaw of graduate studies in Saudi universities and the regulations and executive rules of graduate studies in King Saud University, the department requires that candidates:

The applicant must have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from King Saud University regularly or its equivalent from any other university recommended by the Ministry of Education. Applicant without this specialization may be admitted as scientific or medical.

Applicants are required to obtain a minimum score of (4.5) in IELTS or equivalent.

Applicants must pass a written examination when the department deems it necessary, held by the Program Committee in the department 


Career Options;

All the positions in the ministries and governmental organizations in the administration field including: (quality & development, training and consultations, planning and strategic management, HR, public budgeting, Municipalities, and development).

Academic and research posts in the general and private education


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For more information please contact:






Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Elsherbiny

Office: S246  Telephone : 4674368




Last updated on : October 23, 2023 6:28pm