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Master of Health Administration continuing

 Degree Name:

Master of  Health Administration continuing


Program overview:

The Department of Health Administration is one of leading departments in the college of Business Administration at King Saud University and was established to facilitate the Saudi health care system with leaders and well-trained decision makers in the field of health care. The department courses focus on different administrative health issues such as productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, cost containment, and other issues in order to ensure that health care is delivered to the population effectively and solve health issues in the community using the appropriate and scientific approach.

In accordance with the continuous improvements of the Saudi health care system, the department programs and curricula were up-to-date to cope with the demand of health care and to cope with the various health services required by the society. The department programs were updated to ensure that students are equipped with better knowledge in the field of health and hospital administration which lead to better services to the population. It is the intent of department to provide health care facilities, in both public and private sectors, such hospitals, health centers and other health institution with well-trained and educated health care leaders and decision makers.


Program Description:

Study Plan

 Course description



Program Requirement:

1. General capacity of the university (70 degrees and above)

2. Obtain English language tests of at least  5 in IELTS, 53 in TOEFL (computer) or450  in TOEFL paper. The test period must not exceed two years.

3. Bachelor's degree at the rate of (3.25 out of 5 and above) from King Saud University, College of Business Administration or equivalent, and can consider accepting applicants from other disciplines that determines the section of supplementary courses that they have to overcome.

4. Pass the personal interview


Admission requirements:

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Career Options:

Assume management responsibilities in various health institutions in the Kingdom in both the public and private sectors.



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