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Executive Master in Health Administration

Degree's Name:

Executive Master in Health Administration



This program is mainly based on attracting and qualifying healthcare professionals to perform executive functions such as planning, organizing, balancing, responding to crisis, and collaborating with the healthcare team. The program contributes in developing specialized knowledge in health industry for leaders to overall improve the performance of healthcare sectors in KSA.


Program's Language:



Significance and Justifications of Program Creation:

The results of the local feasibility study and the substantial Saudi healthcare changes particularly the Vision 2030, as it incorporated bright future to the leaders particularly in healthcare.

Developing administrative leaders’ kills through contributing to the development of health professionals and enabling them to combine new technology and scientific methods in problem-solving.

Leashing the skills of applicants enrolled in executive program through enhancing scientific concepts and applying flexible pedagogical sessions that can accommodate the needs of those who are willing to study during their work schedule.



Program's Vision:

To be the leading program in Executive Healthcare Administration among Saudi Universities, GCC, and the Arabian Universities



Program's Mission:

To qualify healthcare executives with cognitive, intellectual, and leadership skills.



Program's Objectives:

-Qualifying leaders in healthcare who effectively apply scientific and technical skills in the field of healthcare administration such as executive directors and directors of different health departments.

-Participating in the community services through supporting the Saudi healthcare system with qualified executives specialized in the healthcare field.

-Promoting diversity of medical and administrative experiences in the program through recruiting candidates from various backgrounds.



Program Description:

Study Plan

Course description



Requirements for obtaining the Degree:

Non-thesis option

Passing (36) study credit units of the Master’s courses including the research project.


Admission Requirements:

-In addition to the admission requirements mentioned in the unified regulations for graduate studies in Saudi universities and the organizational and executive rules and procedures for postgraduate studies at King Saud University, the department requires the following criteria to be enrolled in the program:

-The applicant must have a bachelor's degree (Full or Part-time) from a Saudi university or a certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 -Candidate should have minimum (3) years of experience in healthcare.

-The applicant should provide an evidence of IELTS test score with minimum 5 band, or its equivalent whether national or international tests.




Program's Outcomes

-Knowledge and Comprehension:

Understanding modern knowledge and information in the executive health administration field.

Obtaining scientific knowledge in applying executive health administration strategies.

Identifying advanced and international standards in the health administration field.

-Mental Skills:

Ability to link and analyze information when dealing with health administration issues.

Ability to solve problems caused by obstacles when applying health administration based on available data.

Linking theory to practice when dealing with different changes in health administration.

Applying the evidence-based method to solve problems in the management of health administration.

-Professional and Practical Skills:

Mastering basic and advanced professional skills in the management of health services at executive level.

Use modern technical methods to promote professional practice in the health administration services.

Developing and evaluating methods used to deal with varies health services beneficiaries in line with the Kingdom Vision (2030).

-General Skills:

Ability to communicate effectively with varies work teams in hospitals, health centers and higher authorities.

Effective organizing and distribution of tasks and responsibilities.

Familiarity with decision making methods within groups and task forces in different circumstances.

Enhancing adoption skills to different conditions and managing health crises.



Program Beneficiaries:

Those who are interested in raising their scientific and intellectual levels in health administration, especially the second line in health sectors.

Applicants from various (semi)-government sectors, and health policy makers, especially from the Ministry of Health, Defense, and National Guard as they represent the largest share to be enrolled in the program (based on previous statistics in the traditional program admission index).



Employment Opportunities Available:

There are numerous opportunities for those who are specialized in health administration, both in operational and strategic levels. However, the Executive Master Program in Health Administration significantly contributes to the development of specialists in health administration. Also, it opens new doors for seniors and specialists in health administration to perform strategic role in their fields such as in hospitals, insurance companies, hospital operation companies, claim management, and TPA.


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