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Academic Excellence with Proven Outcomes

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program at the college of Business offers a world-class education in Business Administration. Take your thinking to new heights at a highly distinguished university to get a rigorous Ph.D. degree through a research-focused, structured and comprehensive program.

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Alumni Testimonials

“I am very fortune to be a graduate of this Ph.D. program. The Management Ph.D. program at King Saud University is exceptional for four key reasons. First, a well-designed program structure that enhances the exposure to a variety of management areas. Second, the atmosphere of intellectual autonomy gave me the opportunity to be a fully equipped independent researcher and instructor. Therefore, the Ph.D. program in the College of Business Administration at King Saud University well prepared me for having a rewarding career in a top-tier business school in Egypt. Third, the foundational theory development courses, readings, seminars, the assessment activities (developing curricula, writing research proposals, and applying various statistical analysis techniques) have enabled me to grasp significant research skills and to effectively develop, refine and communicate my ideas. Finally, the faculty members in this program are very knowledgeable and are willing to give consistent support and guidance to the doctoral students whenever needed.”

 Mostafa M. Kamel , Assistant Professor of Management at Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt.

” At King Saud University, I had such a positive experience studying PhD in Business. We had a chance to interact with experienced academic professors who challenged us when presenting our research projects and guided us throughout this lengthy journey. We learned to be critical readers of business literature and capable to figure out research gaps. As a result, I was able, along with my colleagues, to publish research papers in conferences and business journal outlets during the program. I bet this signals how the college of Business Administration invested in its students to make sure they come out experienced enough in academia as well as ready enough to take on any consulting and/or leadership role in the private or public sector.


Faisal A. Albassami

Advisor, Deputyship of Economic Research and International Affairs, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)

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Academic Excellence with Proven Outcomes