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Information Technology


The Mission of the CBA Information Technology Center

The CBA Information Technology Center plays a crucial role in the college's educational activities. It seeks to enhance teaching and learning by a variety of means:
· Training CBA students on computer applications.
· Preparing the CBA computer laboratories for use and updating software.
· Providing technical assistance for all software and applications to the CBA departments, faculty and personnel.
· Developing, operating and maintaining the CBA internal network.
· Videoconferencing lectures and other activities to the KSU Girls' Center.
· Providing technical support for CBA conferences and workshops.
· Maintaining CBA computers and equipment.
· Preparing the CBA Annual Report.
· Assisting in students' enrolment activities.


Training Students

The computer has become the most important educational means of teaching and learning of almost all courses. Recently, the number of the students using the CBA computer labs has been steadily and greatly increasing. In the face of this challenge, the CBA has paid such special attention to modernizing its computer labs that these are now equipped with the recent state-of-the-art technology.


Development of Computer Laboratories

 The CBA computer labs have been developed greatly over the past few years. This is in response to the recent developments in the college curricula and methods of teaching. It is intended to provide the CBA students with as much benefit as possible. In this respect, the computer labs have been equipped with up-to-date technological devices, such as E-podiums, smart boards and videoconferencing equipment. All the devices have been connected by means of an internal network, which provides for operating, maintaining and updating software regularly.


IT Center Facilities

A: Computer labs

-  " Six" Computer Labs for teaching and immediate application equipped with , smart board, media projector, and Internet connection. Capacity of each lab is 45 computers.

- " Four" Free computer labs for Internet  and training.

B :   Live Broadcast Studios:
-  Ten studios for undergraduate courses.

-  Six Meeting rooms equipped with broadcast facilities for postgraduate courses.
C :  Educational Learning Unit

The unit is established to provide help and support to faculty members. It is also responsible for  classrooms and laps maintenance, repair, and  improvement.


Technical Assistance

 The computer has become so vital that there is not a CBA office of faculty or personnel that does not have a computer. As a result, there are growing demands for technical assistance, maintenance, network connections and training on new software. It is the responsibility of the ITC to provide such assistance. This includes videoconferencing activities.  


The Operation and Development of the Internal Network

Two years ago, the ITC established an internal network for the college, and connected it to the main network of KSU and the INTETRNET. This network is updated regularly due to the joining of new members, as well as the development and updating of software / programs. Recently, all smart classrooms and studios have been connected to the video conference network.


Registration Activities

The ITC has established registration units for the CBA departments. The units started work in enrolment during the academic year 1429/1430 H.  The aim of the units is to help students get academic advice from faculty members regarding course selection.

The units are connected to the CBA internal network and the KSU main network, including the Deanship of Registration.


Maintenance Works

The CBA ITC does the following maintenance works:

· Maintaining computer laboratories.
· Maintaining offices computers.
· Maintaining and updating software, applications and anti-viruses.
· maintaining and updating of the CBA internal network.



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