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About Deanship


Vision :

 To be the most effective part in maintaining college leadership in business education and learning outcomes.



 To enhance the continuous development processes and  improve the  quality level at the college in order to maintain the college leadership in business education , research, and community services.


Goals and objectives:

1-Improve of the quality processes at the college.

1.1 To disseminate the quality culture among the college members.

1.2 To set the necessary plans for the improvement of quality processes at the college in collaboration with the stakeholders.

1.3 To document all activities in the college like researches, educational and administrative processes.

1.4 To encourage applying new technology in educational and training processes and assist in providing the necessary equipment and facilities for that.

1.5 To continue assess and evaluate all educational and administrative processes at the college.

2-Achieve the college excellence.

2.1 To assist in applying  national and international quality standards on educational  processes for the academic programs.

2.2 To encourage creative and professional achievements.

3- Impact on the business field.

3.1 To support efforts in establishing professional and academic relationships and partnerships.

3.2 To communicate and strengthen relations with alumni.







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About Deanship