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Community Education


Voluntary workshops have bee conducted by the director of the program in Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University and Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University for post graduate Master and Ph.D students. The workshops cover all aspects of proposal development and research dissemination.


Workshop 1: Writing a Thesis Proposal

  • What to study (scope, research gap and research questions)?
  • How to do the study (methodology)? Why a specific topic needs to be studied (significance)?
  • Expected timelines for the study. Where the study will be conducted (context)?


Workshop 2 : Building Research Profile

  • Exploring the research interest (identifying the comfort zone/area of expertise).
  •  Collaborating with others in research.
  •  Increasing the quality and quantities of research work.
  • Presenting in conferences.
  • Publishing the research work.


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Community Education