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Accreditation Unit

About the Unit

The Unit aims to put in place the necessary plan for academic accreditation at the college level, to follow up the implementation process thereof and to provide all the departments involved with the support they need to accomplish the tasks related to academic accreditation, in addition to establishing and disseminating the culture of accreditation within the College.


Functions of the Unit

• setting up a vision and a mission for the Accreditation Unit.

• Setting up the plans, policies and objectives pertaining to academic accreditation at the College.

• Providing support for the departments in order to maintain communication with accreditation bodies at the local, regional, and international levels.

• Coordinating with the departments in order to set up a timetable for the visits of academic accreditation bodies.

• Following up visits by experts and academic accreditation bodies for the various departments at the College

• Advising departments on issues of academic accreditation.

• Encouraging entrepreneurship in order to obtain academic and professional accreditation from world-renown bodies

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