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 1-Education: First and foremost, education is the foundation in which this institution exists and is the basis in which it functions. Providing a wholesome and holistic educational experience, in which stakeholders can benefit, defines the CBA and the university as a whole. A proper education at the college level provides an important segue for students to further their knowledge and thus enabling them to become successful in their future endeavors, and the CBA is dedicated to providing the guidance and tools needed to ensure that students achieve this goal.

 2-Research: The CBA is committed creating innovative and impactful research to its community, the region, and to the world. The CBA encourages its faculty and staff to produce research that enhances current business practices by building upon the current pool of knowledge, and by creating new areas of research that may have otherwise been overlooked. At the CBA, the sustaining of research is also seen as a supplement to providing quality instruction to its students, and to stay abreast to the latest changes and trends in business administration.

 3-Faculty and Staff: The CBA is dedicated and has always strived to attract and maintain a qualified and diverse faculty and staff pool. The college will stop at nothing to obtain the most qualified individuals from around the world to contribute in enhancing the quality of instruction and research. The CBA believes that its qualified and diverse faculty pool is the synthesis in which the different elements of the CBA function.

 4-Partnerships: The CBA strongly believes in brokering an open dialogue between its community and businesses, thereby establishing essential partnerships that enhance the overall reputatio.

 5-Accreditation: The CBA views accreditation as a validation of its core mission and objectives and as a benchmark for maintaining superior educational output. The CBA believes that national and international accreditation is an important symbol for quality of education provided, and as a motivation and basis for improvement. Although national accreditation is needed for government funding purposes, it sets a foundational standard for the level of education provided on the national level. International accreditation provides a benchmark for the CBA to compete on a global level by proving that it provides world-class instruction to its students.

 6-Resources: The primary funding source for the CBA is from the Saudi government. The university submits a budget plan for the next fiscal year and the government either accepts the budget as is or asks for adjustments. Being the sole provider for funds, the government dictates the majority of its allocation. The CBA has recently taken steps to wean itself off of public funds by initiating the establishment of several self-funding programs. These programs are in line with the CBAs strategic mission and objectives as well as KSUs. The CBA strongly believes in utilizing its core competencies to generate the resources it needs to function and eventually become self-sustaining.